The Inouye Hall Marksmanship Center

The Citadel’s new Marksmanship Center has changed from a wish to a reality as construction crews are nearly finished transforming the northwest corner of Washington Light Infantry Field.

The Citadel can thank former South Carolina Senator Fritz Hollings ‘42 and Senator Daniel Inouye of Hawaii for this latest addition to campus.  Their friendship, forged out of a common interest in government and military service, paved the way for federal appropriations of $3 million for a rifle range on campus.

Sen. Inouye made the surprise announcement in 2002 when he and Sen. Hollings were at The Citadel for the groundbreaking of Padgett-Thomas Barracks.

Inouye, the chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, said Hollings had told him of The Citadel’s need for a place for marksmen to practice.  “Whenever he says he wants something, I never say no,” Inouye said.

Work on the $3 million facility that encompasses 12,000 square feet began in December 2003.  When finished in December 2005, it will be used for practice and training by the South Carolina National Guard, ROTC cadets and The Citadel’s rifle and pistol teams.

The new one-story range features 16 firing positions for marksmanship training, weapons qualifications and competitions.  The structure is a combination of cast-in-place concrete and pre-cast concrete panels.  There is a viewing corridor that allows people to view the firing and scoring.  The facility will also allow the college to host regional tournaments.

In announcing that money for the center would be forthcoming, Inouye said he had no problems putting the project in the defense appropriations budget.  “If we want our young men and women to stand in harm’s way, the least we can do is to train them to defend themselves,” he said.


  • Situated on the back part of campus, on the banks of the scenic Ashley River;
  • 16 point – 50-ft. range;
  • Crumbled rubber bullet backstop to catch the rounds;
  • 3 storage rooms;
  • 2 rest rooms;
  • Range controller room;
  • Electrical room;
  • Janitor’s closet;
  • ADA accessible;
  • Large opaque skylight over central hallway;
  • Facility is elevated above flood levels;
  • Bulletproof walls, doors & glass between the range and the main hallway;
  • Roof-top AC unit brings in 100% fresh air (does not recycle air from the range);
  • AC unites are designed so that the air flow down the range is minimal so that it will not disturb the flight of the bullet after firing.

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