August 8, 2012

Donate to The Citadel Rifle Team Today!

Charleston, S.C. – The Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund will give three dollars to The Citadel rifle team for every dollar donated until Dec. 31, 2012, and the Bulldog marksmen need your support. The money raised will go to the rifle team in a form of a grant that can be used to fund travel, uniforms, ammunition, entry fees, scholarships, range fees among other program needs. Grant funds may not be used to purchase firearms.

"There have been 30 generous donations from supporters of the rifle team," said Bulldog head coach William C. Smith. "I hope that we can grow the 30 into hundreds of supporters and place rifle on a firm financial foundation for the future.

The Bulldogs have already accumulated over $52,000 for their Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund. To donate or track the rifle teams donations please visit the link below:

"Please remember that every donation no matter how small is multiplied by three making every dollar count more towards helping the team," said Smith.

Online donations should be followed up to insure that you are listed under The Citadel Rifle account, and any problems should be reported to the Scholastic Shooting Trust.

About the Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund

Scholastic Shooting Trust (SST) Fund is owned and controlled by the MidwayUSA Foundation, Inc., a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, charitable organization established by Larry and Brenda Potterfield in 2007. The Potterfields began the Foundation as a result of their passion and interest in education for shooting, hunting, firearms safety and outdoor skills.

The SST Fund is an endowment to provide financial support for collegiate and high school shooting programs. The SST Fund, through its web site, gives alumni and other interested parties of universities, colleges and high schools the ability to financially support a school's competitive shooting program or financially assist in the start-up of a scholastic shooting program. Donations provide immediate grant potential for a school's shooting program(s) along with sustained funding from the investment earnings of the fund.

The Scholastic Shooting Trust Fund was created to raise money for shooting teams for high-schools, colleges, and universities all over America. Over 20,000 schools in total! You can make a tax deductible contribution indicating the school of your preference to receive the benefit of your gift.

Shooting teams of high-schools, colleges, and universities provide wonderful opportunities for students to make friends, to develop confidence, and learn discipline and leadership skills, just like other sports. However, most schools provide little or no funding for shooting teams, so it's up to us to help.

Your gift is tax deductible and will be invested with the earnings provided each year to the shooting teams. This allows your gift to provide permanent funding and truly change the future. Make a gift today specifying the school or schools of your preference to receive the benefits of your contribution. Your gift may support existing shooting programs or help new ones get started.

For more information on Bulldog rifle, find us on Twitter @CitadelSports, Facebook or visit the official website of The Citadel Athletics,